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Professional, dedicated instructors teach all of our classes, which are held in our two indoor, climate controlled training facilities, except for agility classes, which are held outdoors. We limit class size so every dog and handler receives the maximum benefits from the training sessions. To guarantee placement, you must register in advance with payment. All new students must register in person at Rob Cary®. Sorry, no exceptions.


Office hours for registration

Monday – Friday, 7am – 8pm

Saturday, 8am– 4pm

Sunday, 1pm– 6pm


Holiday Hours




Another way for us to thank our loyal customers for your continued business.  Ask one of our front office staff for more details the next time you stop in or call.  Thank you for over 38 years of continued business!


At Rob Cary, we believe in teaching Positive Reinforcement Training based on how dogs learn. So bring lots of treats and be prepared to have some fun!


Class Schedules

New classes begin the first week of each month and meet for one hour once a week. Scheduled times are subject to change. Ask us for current schedules or check our website.


Proof of vaccinations

We require proof of vaccinations for all dogs before classes begin.


• Dogs 4 months and older must have Rabies vaccinations.

• All dogs must have DHLP-Parvo and Bordetella vaccinations. The Bordetella vaccination is required every six months.

• Effective August 1, 2017 we are requiring that all dogs also be vaccinated for the Canine Influenza, both the H3N2 and the H3N8.


Grooming Class   $15.00

This class is valuable for dogs of all ages. It is a single class held for 1-1/2 hours and offered once a month. You’ll learn the proper ways to brush and bathe your dog; how to cut or grind nails; and how to clean teeth, ears and eyes properly. The class also covers basic nutrition for the condition of your dog’s skin, coat and teeth, and for overall health.




Kindergarten Puppy Training (KPT)* 6 week course $135.00

For puppies 9 weeks to 4 months of age. This is the ideal age to train your puppy in the basics. Classes cover: Socializing Your Pup, Basic Health Care, Grooming, Potty Training, Lead Training, Sit, Down and Come When Called. Also Basic Manners: Not to jump on you, stop biting/mouthing you, and to wait at doors and gates. Fun exercises include retrieving toys and stick jumping. This class is specifically designed for young puppies and WOW! is it fun! When you enroll in our KPT course, you receive a free pass to our Grooming Class.


Kindergarten Puppy Training II (KPT II)* 6-week course $135.00

For puppies 4 to 8 months of age. Those who completed KPT receive a $10 discount. KPT II incorporates positive, effective training for puppies during this critical and challenging stage (for puppies, this is the Terrible Two’s). Classes combine fun with more difficult training appropriate for this age, including how to interact properly with other dogs and people. When you enroll in our KPT II course, you receive a free pass to our Grooming Class.


Basic Obedience,* 6 week course $135.00

For dogs 7 months and older. Those who completed KPT or KPT II receive a $10 discount. Learn to teach your dog Basic Obedience Commands: Walking On Lead, Sit-Stays, Down-Stays and Come When Called. Basic Manners: Not to jump on you, to wait at doors and gates, and to walk on a loose lead. Also covered: Basic Health Care, Nutrition and Grooming. When you enroll in our Basic Obedience course, you receive a free pass to our Grooming Class.


Advanced Classes


Next-Step Obedience* 6-Week Course $110.00

Advance Training class

For dogs one year of age and older. Further your obedience training and relationship with your dog. Exercises covered: Stationary Attention, Attention During Leash Walking, Stays, Finishes and Stand For Exam.


Ring Manners – Monthly Course


$18.00 per week – students must pay for the entire month, cost is per student.

Dogs of all ages are eligible. In on-going classes, dogs and their handlers learn proper ring procedures and rules for conformation showing. Includes: Gaiting, Baiting, Stacking and Handling Techniques. Private lessons are also available.

See pricing under Private Lessons.


Agility Classes (held outdoors)

Yates maltese

Introduction to Agility* 6-week course $110.00

For dogs 7 months and older. Handlers and their dogs are introduced to the agility equipment. This class is the foundation for successful, enjoyable agility training.

Hydro Cooper4

Intermediate Agility* 6-week course $110.00

Students and their dogs will advance to this class based on the instructor’s recommendation. This class will teach skills on agility obstacles and begin handling

skills; this includes sending and calling to obstacles and starting crosses.

Taylor Heavner

Agility Obstacles* 6-week course $110.00

Students and their dogs will advance to this class based on the instructor’s recommendation. This class will teach handling skills and course management preparing you and your dog for competition.

Williams cavilier2

Agility Sequencing* 6-week course $110.00

Students and their dogs will advance to this class based on the instructor’s recommendation. This class is for students who are competing or ready to compete. You will learn advance handling skills, course management and all aspects of agility.


Dixi Cooper4

Private Lessons


Need one-on-one help? Schedule private lessons with one of our instructors for assistance with behavior issues or any specific training issues you may have.

New students: $100. 1st lesson: 1 hour. RobCary® students & their pets from any of the classes or for a follow-up private lesson: 30 minutes, $50.


Special Training Services


Boarding While Training

Dogs must be 6 months or older. You may board your dog with us for 5 weeks to learn Basic Obedience commands and other manners. Board and train is designed for owners who cannot, for whatever reason, train their dogs in a classroom situation. The ideal training experience is to work with your dog in a classroom environment, teaching your dog the desire to please you via positive motivation. Please call for rates and reservations.


Scheduled times are subject to change.

New classes begin each month. All classes meet once a week for one hour. For KPT, KPT II and Basic Obedience courses, the first class, which is an orientation, lasts 1-1/2 hours. Orientation is essential to beginning your training


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