Pet Safety

Items for Traveling Pets

List of recommended items for a first aid kit for people traveling with their pets.

Pet First Aid Book

Waterproof Care Card with CPR Instructions

Waterproof Pet Emergency Card (record your vet’s emergency #’s)

Waterproof case

Pet Alert Door Card

10ml Syringe / Syringe, 10cc

3-Ply Towels

6′ Leash

Ace bandages (two rolls)

Adhesive Tape (secure bandage)

Alcohol Cleansing Prep Pads

Antiseptic Wipes (clean wound or hands) (2)



Burn relief gel pack

Cold Pack

Collapsible Water Bowl

Gauze Roll Bandage 2″

Cotton Swabs

Cotton tipped applicators 3″ (2)

Digital thermometer

Eye & Skin Wash (flush wounds) 20 ml.

First Aid Cream (wounds) 1 gr. (2)

Hairball Remedy – Cats only

Hydrocortisone Cream (rashes, itching) .9 gr.  (2)

Hydrogen Peroxide (3%)

Latex Gloves (personal protection from blood)


One gallon of water with a 5-year shelf life

Pill Gun

Plastic Forceps (splinters/tick removal)

Powder Styptic (toenail bleeding) or Styptic Pencil


Splint Material

Sterile lubrication .71oz.

Sterile Pads (bandaging)

Triple Antibiotic Ointment (wound)


Waste bags



4×4 gauze

Vet wrap  or coban


Artificial tears,  lubricating eye drops.


Toxic and Non-toxic Plants


Follow this link for further information on toxic and non-toxic plants:


People Foods to Avoid Feeding Your Pets


Follow this link for further information on people foods to avoid feeding your pets:



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