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“I am thoroughly satisfied with Rob Cary Pet Resort. I have been boarding my dog there for 12 years, and he gets excellent care. The employees who work the desk and care for the animals are very welcoming and treat my dog as if he were their own. Some of the names I remember are Tammi, Monica, Eileen, and Savannah, but they all are terrific!”
Jennifer S


” ‘Dog’ came to us the day that the Saints won the Super Bowl. At the height of the wintry storm, my son heard scratching on our front door and discovered a very wet, weary and starving Staffordshire puppy. It was not uncommon for people to desert unwanted pets in the countryside and so we took him in, dried him, fed him, and gave him plenty of love. He was terrified to be left alone and afraid of just about everything. Our Wolf/German Shepard dog adopted him as her own and ‘Dog’ quickly became a part of the family. We turned to Rob Cary’s to help us with training and as a home-away-from-home for our beloved pets when it was necessary for me to travel. Both our dogs adore the staff, the facilities, the playtime with the staff, and the love generously distributed by all. When my work required me to move to Europe, being a Staffordshire Terrier, Dog was not welcome in many countries. During these times, I rely on Rob Cary’s team to care for and love one of the most precious members of our family; most importantly, to insure he never feels abandoned again. Thank you Mando, Tammi, and the entire Rob Cary team for taking such great care of our beloved baby boy. It provides enormous relief knowing he is in such excellent hands until we can get him home with us once again.”
Author, Suspense Mystery Novels
“Whisper in the Wind”


Dear Rob Cary Manager,

I just wanted to write to tell you what a great experience it has been in the basic obedience class with Gary Oswalt and Vickie! They clearly are excellent trainers with a lot of insight and experience. 14 years ago — I took my first dog to obedience classes at Rob Cary taught by Gary and am so glad he continues on your staff today. Both Gary and Vickie spend individual time with each person and their dog in the class to give everyone personalized attention regarding their dog’s particular needs. They are always happy to answer questions. They very quickly “zone in” on what the training problem is and give you a solution. Its also wonderful to have trainers like them that are not biased against pitbull/staffy breeds and understand issues unique to particular breeds. Vickie and Gary truly are assets (and a great resource) for those who are looking to train their dog.
Warm Regards, Leslie Hourigan and “Bernice”


Hi Caryl!

I just wanted to drop you a quick note, while it was on my mind – about Puppy Training Classes and the related training fees each session…..I have to tell you, more and more as I read comments from fellow breed fanciers (Rottweilers) across the world, I become more and more thankful (if that is even possible), to have a relationship with Rob Cary Pet Resort (RCPR), where I have the ability to enroll my dogs and myself, in any array of training classes, from Puppy Kindergarten to the Advanced Next Step to Agility and Conformation, if I so choose! I didn’t realize that having the access to early-age Puppy training classes wasn’t something easily found in all areas of the U.S. – but it would seem that finding good quality puppy training classes is a bit of a luxury! WOW – not only have we taken Puppy Kindergarten, we are now in Puppy II Kindergarten, which is an EXCELLENT transition class for the younger dogs, prior to joining the more ‘adult’ dogs in Basic Obedience classes.


I’ve also always felt and believed that the training fees we pay to attend classes at Rob Cary Pet Resort were affordable and very fair. Over the six years we’ve been training at RCPR, we’ve had a few different levels of household budget concerns, and I’ve managed to keep us in class, with one or two minor changes in personal spending habits, because the fees are so affordable and fair!
Again, in my continued reading amongst thoughts shared by fellow dog owners, it has been confirmed over and over that the training fees we pay at RCPR are down right EXCELLENT, particularly when compared with those that many willingly pay elsewhere, to train under the watchful eye and guidance of a qualified trainer! I’m reading comments about training fees in other areas, that are double and sometimes triple – per session (6 classes) over the class fees at RCPR. I’m so appreciative of this – for a couple of reasons – because I know that it allows more people to participate in formal training classes their dogs and when we recommend RCPR to friends and acquaintances, we know that our recommendation will be affordable, and that the trainers are very qualified to provide the watchful eye and guidance needed to successfully train both human and dog – all with positive reinforcement – of course!


So I’m back again – being thankful and grateful for RCPR and the broad choices that are offered, for training with our dogs, as well as the affordable training fees for each session! We appreciate you all!! THANK YOU!! It is also SUPER helpful that if we forget our training bag and treats, like I did Monday night, we can slip into the retail center and purchase a small beef roll, and a new training bag really quickly – and Keith will even open the roll for you, so you can get started in class on time! :o)

Take care,

Vicki Almy, Bryant & Beaux


Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways – Dog leash in one hand – training treats in the other – body thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and screaming “WOO HOO, What a Ride!”


Dear Tammi,


Just wanted to thank you so much for the classes!!  (Obedience, potty training & grooming.)  This is just what Fratt and I needed to begin our long relationship together-I learned so much and I think it is more about training the parent than the dog…..!!  I was so worried about bringing him because of his agression/barkiness and you and everyone in the class helped so much!!  (I know we talked about the shepherd that was in the 1st class but wish they would have stayed because they would have gotten a lot out of it-you don’t know how much it helps until you go through it.)


I was so proud of him today because he was able to be calm enough to actually sniff someone’s behind!!!  Momma was so proud!!!  This would have been impossible 6 weeks ago and how will he ever have any doggie friends if he can’t behave himself enough to sniff around??!!  Anyway, it was a break through for us!!


We will work together on what you taught us so far for a month or two and then be back for more.  Eventually I want to get him into agility training-he loves to run and jump and maneuver and when he does he gets a huge smile on his face so I look forward to him and I doing that together.


Again, thank you so much and have a great rest of the summer!!


Fratt’s Mom



When we got our Dachshund almost 10 years ago, we promised ourselves that we would not stay home because of the dog. Our first kennel experience was at the Vet’s and we were not pleased.
A friend recommended Rob Cary and we are EXTREMELY pleased with the care he receives there. The staff is wonderful and the care is excellent. They take great care of him; he comes out as clean as when he went in. I don’t even bathe him when he comes home. His widget remains the same and that says a lot.


Everyone at the desk is friendly and cooperative. We had occasions where we didn’t know the exact length of stay due to a family death or birth of grandchildren and they worked with us. Our dog walks in with his tail wagging and ready to give “kisses”. He seems to enjoy his stay.

Thanks and keep up the good work!



A friend recommended Rob Cary to us when we needed a place to kennel our dog. Immediately, we were impressed with Rob Cary. We were greeted warmly by the staff, given complete information about Rob Cary and it’s products and services, and then escorted around the compound. After boarding our dog, we were convinced beyond a doubt that Rob Cary really cares about their customers and their pets.


We then decided to attend dog training classes at Rob Cary. Not surprising, this was a fantastic and rewarding experience for us and our dog. Gary Oswalt was the instructor and he did a phenomenal job with us and our dog! Since basic training, we attended the Canine Good Citizen and Next Step classes at Rob Cary.


We have been extremely pleased with the results and now have a well trained, happy, healthy pet. My wife and I feel welcome and at home at Rob Cary. Most importantly, we trust Rob Cary to care for our beloved dog. We recommend Rob Cary to everyone we talk to about pets.

Steve and Teresa



Good afternoon! As we enter the summer, I’m reminded it was about this time of year in ’05, that I finally stopped at Rob Cary to inquire about training for a very challenging dog of mine – who I’ve written to you about previously! A lot has happened since I wrote you before, so I wanted to drop in again, to tell you how grateful I remain, for your facility, your staff, your attention to details and obvious goal to provide a safe and healthy facility for all.


A quick update on Bryant – he and I have had the best time competing in AKC Rally and dabbling in AKC Obedience the past 12 months – he’s titled through Rally Excellent now, and has his Beginner Novice Obedience title….WOW – who would have thought?!!! It’s amazing what finding the right trainer, and staying with this, can mean to the relationship we have with our dogs!


As you know – Bryant is a dog we initially fostered in our involvement in Rottweiler rescue…he proved not to be a good candidate for adoption through our group, so we decided to keep him. We’ve continued to foster many dogs over the years and recently fostered two Rottweiler females, each with newborn puppies, who were seized in a puppy mill bust in central Texas. I have to tell you, I was never more aware of the importance of ‘details’ – like sanitation, proper vaccinations, and safety precautions, than I was while caring for these very vulnerable, tiny little puppies in their early weeks in our home. Bryant and I were enrolled in class at Rob Cary, as usual during the entire experience, and when I considered pulling us out of class, in the interest of protecting the health of these puppies, I only considered it for a moment, as I knew that you and your staff strive to have a facility that is both clean and safe – and it is verified, that the dogs and cats entering there are properly vaccinated and healthy prior to their visit/stay.


So, here we are – 16 weeks since the birth of these puppies, and all have gone on to be adopted by families of their own and all are healthy, active, robust puppies! Well – all but ONE of the puppies have gone on – because ONE remained with us – and we just started Puppy Kindergarten together this session! I will admit to being a bit nervous about exposing him to a public place where many ‘strange to us’ dogs travel to/from cars, before his 16 week puppy vaccinations were complete and ‘in force’ – but as I’ve said – I was able to calm my own concerns pretty quickly, knowing that Rob Cary goes the distance to ensure their clients (man or beast) are safe while there – no matter how long the stay might be!


So thank you Caryl – for providing a safe and healthy place to hang out and train with my dogs – and for the foster dogs who might be affected by ‘me’ being at your facility! I’d be remiss if I didn’t single out Gary – and recognize his expertise in the world of dogs….and his ability to tailor his teaching and training, even in a group class setting, to each individual person and dog participating! I am convinced that Bryant knows when it’s “Monday” – and he’s ready for class before I am every single week! He ADORES Gary….almost as much as I do! :o)

Take care,

Vicki Almy & Bryant…and the newest arrival – Beaux