Pet Boarding San Antonio


Checking In & Out


Check-in day, including Sunday, is considered the first day and is therefore subject to a full day’s boarding rate. Pets need to be checked in at least one hour before we close. Pets should be checked out at least half an hour before we close. Allow up to 45 minutes for check-in during busy times.


Check-out time is 12 noon, Monday through Saturday, to avoid an extra day’s charge. There is always a charge for Sundays. If you pick up your pet before your scheduled check-out date, you will be charged for any remaining reserved days unless appropriate notice has been given.


Extended check-out time is Monday through Saturday until 2:00 pm if the dog or cat is bathed or groomed on check-out day. If there is a delay in your pick-up date, please notify us immediately. There may not be space available to keep your pet extra days on short notice.







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