Pet Boarding San Antonio

Rob Cary Pet Resort is one of only 7 facilities in the State of Texas accredited by the ABKA (American Boarding Kennels Association)


We pride ourselves on our clean, safe pet boarding environment and meticulous attention to your pet and their needs. We provide bedding, central heat and air & a selection of premium foods for boarding pets. Nutro Max and Nutro Natural Choice are our preferred in-house foods for our feline and canine guests.


Please follow the links on the right for a tour or come by in person Monday thru Friday between the hours of 1pm to 7pm and one of our friendly customer service staff members will be happy to give you an informal tour (holiday seasons excluded). During Holidays we are unable to do tours as our staff is busy caring for our boarding pets. If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail us or call us.


Let us take care of your pets while you are away! Each and every Rob Cary employee is dedicated to providing your companion animal with the best possible care day and night. Our pet boarding facilities in San Antonio are second to none in the nation and our staff is comprised of lovers of animals of every kind. We ensure that your best friend is treated as we would treat our own pets – with great care, attention and respect.


Pet boarding charges begin on the day of drop off regardless of time. There is always a full day charge when picking up on Sunday. Please note this … if you drop off your pet on a Saturday and pick up on Sunday it is a 2 day charge. There is no charge for departure day Mon-Sat if you pick up by 12:00 noon. Late departure of 2:00pm without charge if your pet is being bathed or groomed at check out Mon-Sat. Check in times should be NO LATER than one hour before closing. Pets should be checked out at least half an hour before we close. Advance reservations for all holidays and for weekends are advised. Deposit required for major holidays. We are always full for the 4th of July, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, be sure to make reservations early.







Another way for us to thank our loyal customers for your continued business.  Ask one of our front office staff for more details the next time you stop in or call.  Thank you for over 38 years of continued business!


For Pet Boarding, Vaccinations Required


We require proof of current vaccinations. All pets will be examined for fleas and ticks at check-in. If necessary, pets will be treated at the owner’s expense.

Dogs: Rabies, DHLP (Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parainfluenza (not Canine Influenza), Parvo and Bordetella vaccinations.

The Bordetella vaccination is required every six months.

Cats: FVCRP, rabies and leukemia vaccinations.

Emergencies: If there is an emergency, we contact your veterinarian first. If he or she is unavailable, we contact another veterinarian. Then we call you at the emergency number you provide. Please notify us about any pertinent medical history or problems with your pet.


We are not veterinarians. Pets who are sick need to board with their veterinarian.


Checking In & Out


Check-in day, including Sunday, is considered the first day and is therefore subject to a full day’s boarding rate. Pets need to be checked in at least one hour before we close. Pets should be checked out at least half an hour before we close. Allow extra time for check in around holidays.


Check-out time is 12 noon, Monday through Saturday, to avoid an extra day’s charge. There is always a charge for Sundays. If you pick up your pet before your scheduled check-out date, you will be charged for any remaining reserved days unless appropriate notice has been given.

Extended check-out time is Monday through Saturday until 2:00 pm if the dog or cat is bathed or groomed on check-out day. If there is a delay in your pick-up date, please notify us immediately. There may not be space available to keep your pet extra days on short notice.




Must be made in advance to guarantee holiday reservations. Deposits apply to all clients and will be strictly enforced due to the volume of clients we are unable to accommodate over holidays.




A seven (7) days’ notice for change in number of days or cancellation is required for all holidays except Christmas & New Year’s holiday changes which must be made by December 1st to avoid forfeiting your deposit & being charged for the days reserved.


Early Pick Up


A 24 hour change notice at all times for early pick up or you will be charged for days reserved… except during holidays we require additional time notice.


Pet Luggage and Bedding


Keep in mind we do not guarantee return of these items. If you bring it, we DO NOT guarantee its return …. please only bring items you consider to be “disposable”. Do not bring your pet’s favorite toy. It may not come home with you. Bring an old t-shirt or towel with your scent on it that can be discarded if it is soiled.


Long-Term Pet Boarding


Pets who enjoy lengthy stays with us become part of our family. They receive more attention and a bath every 30 days at no charge.


INTERESTED IN BOARDING?  Stop in for a Tour!


Resort Hours

Monday through Friday 7 a.m. – 8 p.m.

Saturday 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Sunday 1 p.m. – 6 p.m.



Given Monday through Friday between 1 – 7 PM.

We do not give tours during holidays as our staff is busy caring for our boarding pets.


Holiday Hours


We are closed and there will be no tours on holidays.



Pet Arrival


Pet drop off times are no later than one hour before closing times listed above.
No exceptions. This is only fair to your pet. You do not want to have them come into a new environment and have the lights go out as soon as they go to their pet suites.


Optional Services



• All Boarding Service Packages are available only with 3 or more days boarding.

• All services within a Boarding Service Package are done on a daily basis per the package scheduling.

• No substitutions are permitted in Boarding Service Packages.

• Clients may pay for some limited additional services such as additional Potty Walks – please check with our Front Office Staff for restrictions


PAMPERED PET PACKAGE ($21.00 value) – $10.00 per dog per day

• Snuggle Time in AM ($9.00 value)

• 10 Minute Potty Walk in grassy area to eliminate in Afternoon ($6.00 value)

• Special Treat in Afternoon ($2.00 value)

• Tuck-In Service in PM ($4.00 value)


ACTIVE PET PACKAGE ($36.00 value) – $20.00 per dog per day

• Play Time in AM ($9.00 value)

• 10 Minute Potty Walk in grassy area to eliminate in AM & Afternoon ($6.00 value each time)

• Play Yard in Afternoon ($11.50 value)

• Kong Time in PM ($4.00 value)


SPLASH TIME PET PACKAGE ($36.00 value) – $20.00 per dog per day – available March to October only


• Wading Pool Time in ALL DAY ($9.00 value)

• One 10 Minute Potty Walk in grassy area to eliminate in AM ($6.00 value each time)

• Play Yard in Afternoon ($11.50 value)

• Grooming Room discount for EXIT Bath& Nails or Full-Grooming on Departure Day ($10.00 OFF grooming price)


Potty Walk

• $6.00 Each

• 10 Minute walk in grassy area to eliminate

• 3 Times per day maximum – charge is for each walk


Snuggle Time

• $9.00 Each

• 15-20 Minute session with one of our staff

• For snuggling, holding, lap time, tummy rub, rubbing paws, gentle stroking or a little extra TLC

• Great for quiet, shy, new clients, or older pets or any pet that needs a little extra TLC

• 1 Time daily per pet


Tuck In
• $4.00 Each

• RCPR will provide extra fleece bedding or use the pet’s own blanket

• Staff will go to pet and make sure they are “tucked in” under their covers for the night


Story Time
• $7.00 Per story time

• 15-20 Minute session with one of our staff reading stories and giving your pet extra TLC

• Once daily


Pet Medication – extra charge $2.00

Pet Play Times – 15-20 minutes $9.00

Wading Pool – $9.00 Available March to October only

Play Yards – 20 minutes $11.50

Pet Training – $15.00

Pet Massage – $75 per hour

Kong Comfort Time – $4.00

Cat Nip Bubbles Time – $4.00

After-hours pick-up or drop-off (Limited Availability) – $60.00

Pet Taxi – Rates depend on mileage from Rob Cary Pet Resort


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